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About Us

Our company is specialized in delivering unique Samba and Carnival experiences in Rio de Janeiro.
We began our activities on early 2000’s, after being part of a wonderful Rio Carnival parade. We came to realize that Rio Carnival is much more than just a party with fancy costumes and dances. For people in Rio, samba music and dance, carnival practices and preparations, are part of their life.

Our Mission is to let people outside of Brazil know about the Samba story, Samba lifestyle and how Cariocas are preparing for the Rio Carnival. To offer you an opportunity to visit Samba schools and to enjoy or be part of the biggest show on earth.
We like to bring together people from all over the world that have already seen the Carnival parades via TV Broadcasting offering them the best Samba experience in real life.

We have brought to Rio Carnival companies such as: Good Year (Brazil), Puma (Italy), Bosh (Brazil), Tam airlines, NBC Network, Telcel (Mexico), Rio Tennis Open, Herbalife, Natura and many others